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Welcome to my Tumblr blog! I'm a mom of 3, founder of MommyMundo.com & Mompreneur Manila. co-owner of ShopMommyMatters.com.
I'm a mom with a mission!

Lunch with Lola❤️ #myreesespieces

Thank you for all you do for us @daddydribbles !❤️😘💋

A happy birthday to my @daddydribbles ! Thank you for being a husband, partner and best friend who allows me to dream as far as I want, gives me space when needed, lets me chatter and/or vent periodically, loves me forever no matter what.❤️ That’s all a woman needs! The kids and I are blessed to have you hon. Love you!😘💋😉

Hoping to have some cooking time this weekend to try out some recipes from my new cookbook, YUMMY, MOMMY by Tricel Nava- De Guzman:) #yummymommy #cookingforkids #healthycooking #pickyeaters

Triple birthday celebration at @creativejuiceph 🎈🎈🎈 #blessed

My ex-“boss”, former publisher of HIPP magazine, for which I wrote my very first mom-entrep column. Sooo nice to see you @marbeego !💋😘 #theblueleaf #theblueleaffilipinas #thebesttimesofyourlife (at The Blue Leaf Filipinas, Aseana City)

With two of our fave SPIT members @gabemercado and @chalchang :) #spit #sillypeoplesimprovtheatre #theblueleaf #theblueleaffilipinas #thebesttimesofyourlife (at The Blue Leaf Filipinas, Aseana City)

Me, after a ton of yummy food and beer. Thanks for the shot and the prop necklace @tonettecc 😉#thebigbanquet

Jake the Dude with Reesey #cousinlove #myreesespieces at #thebigbanquet (at The Blue Leaf Filipinas, Aseana City)

It’s a family affair at The Big Banquet of @the_blue_leaf Filipinas🍴❤️ #thebigbanquet @ourawesomeplanet #tblfilipinas (at The Blue Leaf Filipinas, Aseana City)