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Welcome to my Tumblr blog! I'm a mom of 3, founder of MommyMundo.com & Mompreneur Manila. co-owner of ShopMommyMatters.com.
I'm a mom with a mission!

By the Dotonburi river, set to walk off all the extra pounds we must have gained today. @daddydribbles #adventureinosaka2014

He could not resist😆 @daddydribbles #adventureinosaka2014 #doasthejapanesedo

Hello from me and my date @daddydribbles from Osaka❤️:) #adventureinosaka2014 #happy18thanniv

@daddydribbles and I are off to our annual anniv trip! Will miss this little one and the boys but will be back in no time💗 #mom❤️reese #myreesespieces

We hope you had a weekend of happy surprises and wonder! Thank you to all who came to the #bellyblessedfest2014 💕 @mommymatters @ccyaw #mommymatters #bellyblessed #mommymundo #myreesespieces (at The Podium Mall)

Learned so much about cordblood banking from Dr. Belen Alansuela (in red) and her portion with Delamar Arias where they tackled FAQs on the topic. (In photo: Karen from #Cordlife, myself, Ryle from Cordlife, Delamar and Dr. Belen) #bellyblessedfest2014 #mommymundo #bellyblessed #pregnancy #cordbloodbanking (at The Podium Mall)

This Mama Means Business. You betcha!👊 My story as a #mompreneur is on Manila Bulletin today:) thank you so much @manilabulletinlifestyle for this feature:)

At the last #mompreneursummit Jenni Epperson shared her story with us and showed us how passion combined with hard work can lead to success and self fulfillment. Thanks for reminding me how you inspired us that day!👊😘 by @jenniepperson “New on the blog: Dealing with self-doubt + A heartwarming blog from one of my Amazing Readers” @iammarkdelgado read her post on www.JenniEpperson.com #passionandpurpose #mompreneur #momspiration

Thank you for all the love, laughter and patience @daddydribbles ❤️ it’s been one of my greatest blessings having you in my life the past 18+6 years.! happy anniversary! Love you😘

Zach and I checking out @krispykremeph ‘s latest #bakedcreations 🍴 #yesterday #datewithmom #motherhood (at Krispy Kreme, BGC)